Go West!

Life is ? there…

Originally, there should be “peaceful” instead of “?”. (Oh how I used to love that song!! ) For me, it remains to be seen.

Finding a decent flat in London for a budget  is harder than finding gold, I have learned. The Olympics didn’t help. Everbody had said that the first thing I had to do, was to decide where I wanted to live. East, West, North, South, whatever…Of course, I didn’t hesitate to go for East London, the cultural and creative heart of the city. But then, where in the East? Could be Dalston, could be Angel, could be Hoxton, could be Shoreditch, could be Bethnal Green, could be Islington…But then again, rents were artificially sky-high because of the games.

After much research and confrontation with real estate agents, I was able to find a sweet one bed flat right on Hoxton Square. I loved it. But…I also love my sleep. I investigated the area at night. The weekends were impossible.

Then there was the sweet and caring family friend living in St John’s Wood. She was terrified of my desire to settle in the East. The area to her, was the dodgy, semi-developed end of the city. I love dodgy. I feel like I really live when around dodgy.  It is life, it is real. I came across two injured guys with blood all over them on two consecutive nights on my way to Oto. It was scary yeah but it was intriguing. Much more interesting than the Lamborghinis of moneyed-up Arabs strolling around South Kensington.

But my family bought none of it. Since they are helping me with the rent -it is nearly impossible to survive in London otherwise, they insisted on the West. There was one thing to do then. Go to Notting Hill. It is the only place that doesn’t suffocate me in the West end. So here I am, in my little flat on Westbourne Grove. It isn’t much but it’s lovely enough. And I take comfort in knowing that the lead singer of a prominent indie rock band lives in Maida Vale. If he’s not bored, then there is hope for me as well…

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