The Vaccines

The Vaccines, Brother and Mono were all the hype last year, being labeled as the saviors of guitar music. While Mono gave out tragic interviews, claiming that Robert Plant approached them to say they ‘did’ soul music better than Zeppelin, Brother just got lost in the indie rack. However, the Vaccines came out with the brilliantly titled “What Did You Expect from the Vaccines?” and was number one on my best of 2011 list (among a whole lot of other blogs and magazines). However, the first two singles from their second outing, “The Vaccines Come of Age” did not thrill. First, it was “No Hope”, short of their catchy melodies and then there was the slightly better “Teenage Icon.” Of course, we have to listen to the whole album to get a clear sense of the whole package. Especially since Justin Young said it is a very honest record and there is a song called “I wish I was a girl!” At the moment, it stands as yet another average indie effort.

Band of Horses

Here is a band I love and unlike some of their fans, applaud their increasing inclination towards pop. The song is not a masterpiece but gets me excited enough.

The View

Gotta love these kids, their turbulent life and their wit. Here’s their energetic single from the upcoming “Cheeky for a Reason.”

Bloc Party

Here is a band we all thought we might never see again. However, they didn’t drift apart with solo projects and are out with “Four.” Nothing groundbreaking but well-deserving of a 3 star.

Two Door Cinema Club

One of my fave indie bands. As far as I could see from the trailer, there are far better songs in the new album than “Sleep Alone.” Yet this single sounds catchy and more mature. It aims to be ‘bigger-venue-friendly’ with the Coldplay style choruses towards the end, an ambition I hope does not apply to the whole album.