Hot Chip live // 5

I had previously titled this review “Not So Hot Chip!” and here’s the reason why…

I haven’t been this big a fan of Hot Chip, that is until they released their dazzling new record, which also happens to be one of the records of the year. The sad melodic indie-tronica of Alexis Taylor and co., the mellow vocals uttering lyrics of longing over powerful beats got me hooked. I was very excited to see them live at Brixton O2. However, I was warned by a good friend that I could be in for disappointment since he had seen some weak performances before. Unfortunately, he turned out to be quite right.

It’s very tricky for electro bands to adapt their sound to the stage. It is a fine craft in which many fail. One band who seemed to have mastered this art over the years is M83. Hot Chip is not one of them. They are 7 people onstage, joined by 2 more for several songs. Most of the time, the synths get lost in the over-instrumentalized show and songs like Motion Sickness does not make any sense. The vocals and the drums are too loud, and they are overall, a bit all over the place. I’m not saying all electro/dance acts should simply rely on their laptops but they should not forget their synths at home, either.

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