Monday night, I went to Hoxton Square Bar and Grill to see The Ghosts. I loved their album, The End. Radio Eksen loved it, too and gave them air-time. When we played their single “Ghosts” as the last track on our dj set while supporting Two Door Cinema Club, it was received with enthusiasm from the crowd. The End might not be groundbreaking but it’s a decent electro-pop record not short of melodic songs. That’s why it was surprising for me to see around 150 people at the venue. It’s true that it was a Monday night and the support acts did not help AT ALL, but I will never quite get this “cool factor” that makes so many average bands so popular and causes many others to stay underground. The Ghosts were very good onstage as well. They were having fun and it showed. One thing that puzzled me is the reason why they opened the show with their first single Ghosts, and then went on to play their second single Enough Time. Usually that’s a fail-safe way to clear the floor. Imagine Gotye opening a gig with Somebody That I Used to Know. Luckily, their performance convinced people to stay instead of tasting the cream on top and and go away.