Everybody’s favorite band Foals had been quiet for some time. Then they announced the new album, followed by a mini UK tour which sold-out within days, if not hours. Yet, a London date was not present. Just as I was considering traveling to Sheffield or somewhere, news came from Efterklang. They posted on twitter that they would be supporting Foals in March at the Royal Albert Hall. Ding ding ding! I have no doubt that it will be an amazing show, at such a nice venue. I had seen Foals before at Benicassim in 2009 and was blown away just like thousands of other people. I literally felt the ground shake under my feet. This will certainly be no exception.

It wasn’t just new dates that were announced. They also released a new single titled Inhaler. It’s not classic Foals. First of all, Yannis Philippakis turned up the throaty agressiveness in his vocals. They also went for a harder, a more explosive and a more guitar-heavy sound. It feels like we will no longer be able to dance to their record. Maybe they thought that since every other guitar band were trying to sound like them, it was time that they sounded like something else. Or, the record being produced by big shots like Flood and Moulder, they are possibly trying to conquer somewhere else?

Here’s Inhaler from my favorite Greek. Hmm, second favorite actually… But anyway, we will have to wait until February to hear what the whole album sounds like. Until then…

Photo from nme.com