Yesterday, I got an e-mail from Rough Trade saying that Gui Boratto’s 2nd LP, Take My Breath Away was instore. I couldn’t help but write, “that’s great news!”

The first time I came across that album was in a second hand vinyl store in Notting Hill. I was shopping for names from Kompakt with my friend Mabbas when we heard this amazing electronic music. I went up to the counter straight away to learn that it was the Brazilian producer and dj Gui Boratto. When I tried to get my hands on the record in vinyl, I had no luck. It was sold-out everywhere and it took 3 months for Rough Trade to track one down.

So for electro music lovers, especially Kompakt label fans like me, here are a couple of tracks from Mr Boratto. Enjoy!

And this is a simple but a beautiful and powerful video from his first LP, Chromophobia. I have to admit that it really, really touched me.