Weird. Very weird. An attempt at electro-goth, taking a cue from their natives Crystal Castles? Synth-pop? Darkwave? A reincarnation of Capella and 2 Unlimited? Modern day take on Camouflage’s Love is a Shield with “Dressed for Space”? However you describe it, somehow, Canadian electro-duo Trust’s music is still very attractive. This is not a one-song band, either. There are actually “better” tracks than this in their debut LP TRST -such as Bulbform, which makes for an engaging listen overall.

And it doesn’t hurt that Robert Alfons is a horribly good-looking guy. His stage partner being Maya Postepski (of Austra), they make for an attractive couple. He makes a nice addition to the list of gay men to fancy.

Further info on Bengi Unsal’s blog ( who first brought Trust into our attention and booked them to Istanbul in January.