We watched some pretty cool videos in 2012. Here are the ones that I went back to over and over again…

1 As soon as I watched Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings, I was overcome by a sense of jealousy and admiration. If I could steal just one video from 2012, it would be this. Noel Paul couldn’t have given the song a bigger passion boost. Huge fan!

2 Is the video for the song or the song for the video? This made me wanna record cat meows and loop them into a song. Great job!

3 A talented director friend made me watch this, only to make my jaw drop. No need for words, the video explains itself.

4 Heart-breaking, disturbing and beautiful…And still relevant…

5 I’m in love with Halls. Their videos do not fall short of their incredibly tense songs either.

6 I love videos that take a simple idea and turn it into something amazing. This does exactly that.

7 If a video has to give meaning to a song, nothing else does it better than this. Perfume Genius broke my heart with Hood.

8 I cannot stand her songs but she is hilarious! A big applause to Miss Rose from an avid milk lover.

9 A very, very cute video to Todd Terje’s Inspector Norse.

10 It’s a bit nat geographic but absolutely beautifully shot…

* Lastly, I will have to add this to my list. It’s not easy to come up with a fun video for a disco track. This totally nails it.