I’ve been listening to this band and their song Phobia obsessively over the past few days. When I first heard them, I thought they were from the UK. I would have never guessed them to be from Berlin. Yet, here they are, a German duo that met while they were writing music for plays, working at a theater. Not much else on the band since almost every piece of biographical info on the net is in German. (Apart from an unnecessarily long and boring article here on how their music transcends boundaries.) I have only listened to a couple of songs, I can’t say I enjoy them all as much as I enjoy Phobia. But Charlotte Brandi’s vocals are intense and they have been picked up by BBC 6 Music, so expect to hear more from them if you haven’t already.

Unfortunately, they don’t have a video to Phobia yet. Or I could not find it but here’s an acoustic version.

There’s also the Breton remix, which is even better than the original. (Take a cue Alt-J?) Enjoy