Primavera Sound is the festival that makes you buy the tickets in November, especially if you are 24 or over. First of all, you know that the line-up will never be less than amazing. It is also much easier compared to the UK festivals where the whether is cold, the toilets are horrible, the queues are impossible and it’s a mud battle all the way. However at Primavera, you get to make the most of Barcelona. The Forum is concrete, you don’t need to camp; you can stay in the city (or at one of the many hotels nearby if you can afford it), the portable toilets are decent and the bars do not resemble free food counters. This year, they also very wisely switched to Heineken by ditching San Miguel so I won’t be spending the whole festival with water like last time.

The thing that prompted me to write this post is the new line-up promo video they put online. Not the line-up itself, which is just fantastic, with Phoenix as the highlight (since I’ve watched Blur before). It divided the festival’s fans into two. One camp found the video brilliant, while the others thought it’s extremely offensive and against animal rights. So, here you go…

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