Indies, meet Jeff McIlwain, a.k.a Lusine if you haven’t already. It is my shame that I only came across him recently and started devouring his earlier work, as well as his most recent release The Waiting Room. Apparently, he’s been in the scene for over 10 years, playing venues like Fabric, Unit and Watergate and releasing work on Ghostly International.

The Waiting Room does not do anything that hasn’t been done, but still sits comfortably in my top 20 electronic albums of 2013 in a relatively stagnant year. The album’s weakest moments are when vocals are used generously to make the tracks a bit too poppy for my taste as in ‘Get the Message’ and strongest ones are when they are mostly spared, as in Lucky and On Telegraph.

Here is ‘Lucky’ from his latest LP and the beautiful ‘Gravity’ from ‘A Certain Distance’ that was released in 2009. Enjoy…