Last week, we were at the Green Door Store to catch the amazing A Lily, a Brighton based band that came to my attention after I heard their beautiful track “The Sparrow in the Lemon Tree” off their EP, Lupa.

There was another band to play before the headliner and I was going to head home but Mr D thought we should stay to see who followed. “Who knows? Maybe they will turn out to be the best band you’ve ever seen!” he said. Well, they weren’t exactly, but I certainly had a great time watching Farao live.


They were two ladies onstage, with possibly two of the best voices I have heard live in a while. They said they couldn’t bring their whole band so I am guessing there are usually more people onstage. They have little info on them on cyberspace so excuse me for failing to provide names. While the lead vocal, a girl who looked as good as she sang played guitar, backing vocals were provided by another band member who was on keys and synths.  Mr D described the band’s gig so fittingly as “having a bath of harmonies.”

If you are into that kind of thing, their debut EP “Tell A Lie” is out now. Be sure to catch them live. Ejoy…