Some bands make you believe in love at first sight. For me, Breton were one of those bands. It only took me a remix to fall for them and what followed after -a brilliant debut that was accessible to a select group only intensified my love affair. I remember putting ‘Other People’s Problems’ on my record player and 35 seconds into Pacemaker, feeling short of breath. By the time I got to the The Commission, I had found my favourite new band.

After obsessively following this five-piece’s gigs and leaving every venue utterly impressed, I wrote about them a few times on this blog. Not everyone was a fan though. They had been called many things, their music has been defined as a sonic muddle by those who didn’t get it. I, with a few thousand other people, begged to differ.

I had the pleasure of seeing them live in my home town Istanbul, meet the guys and even support them. After consuming their first album and one too many remixes, the scariest prospect was the release of the forthcoming follow-up. When Got Well Soon came out, I was surprised by the dancy aspirations of the track, while loving that bass line and Roman’s racy vocals. I was also a bit thrown off by the massive transition from the cold and industrial photos to the glossy and colourful artwork, as cute as that bunny is… Were they caught up in the classic second album trap of getting grander?


Envy seemed to answer my questions. Yes, they did want to change. They wanted to get bigger. They went poppier. With this more polished sound, gone was the coolness of the band that was rough around the edges. While some would love them more for it, I slept on it.

During my silent retreat of half-panicked anticipation, another track off their sophomore LP War Room Stories came out. Sometimes, when you are in a long term relationship and feelings start to wane, a little something brings back the memory of how much you were once in love and glues the bits and pieces that are falling apart. S Four did exactly that. This amazing track, possibly their best on the album, reminded me of why I believed them to be so special in the first place.

I think it’s best that I don’t try to define it with generic words and you have a listen to it here to give it a well-deserved like.