The super talented German producer Sieren was on my radar way before he had his brilliant EP ‘The Convoluted Truth’ out on Shades Recordings this year. I had devoured his mixes and beautifully crafted edits which were frequently included in my warm up sets for over two years. So it was only natural that he was the one my label contacted for a remix on the first release on Injazero Records, a brand new London-based electronic music label . He not only re-interpretated quite an individual track as masterfully as expected, but also put together an exclusive mix. Injazero are glad to launch the monthly mix series with this intelligent producer, accompanied with a mini interview.

Get to know him…And enjoy…

Who is Sieren?

If I only knew that. I guess he’s some guy living in Berlin doing what he loves most: Music.

What/who are your biggest influences?

That’s really hard to pinpoint. I went through a variety of genres growing up, from ambient to house to techno and drumnbass to indie and singer-songwriter music all the way up to oldschool hardcore. It really is difficult to pin-point specific artists when it comes to my influences, especially since I draw inspiration from all kinds of directions depending on whether I’m focussing on doing more ambient and melodic music or techno.

Obviously, for getting into the sort of music I do nowadays Burial played a big role. It’s hard not to mention him really.

Any up and coming artists we should keep an eye on?

Definitely. I recently heard a few of the upcoming releases on Ki Records and Finest Ego, I suggest keeping a close watch on these labels as they have some great A&R going and some really interesting artists lined up.

Can you tell us a little bit about the mix? 

It was made on a grey and cold Berlin morning. For the most it is a summary of what I am listening to right now while being on the move.

What’s your favourite track in the mix?

I can’t pick one. I’m really bad with this favourite stuff. I like them all, really. And they are all rather unique in their own way while still sharing some similarities. The Leon Vynehall is probably one of my favourite recent house tracks, the Kiasmos track is a good representation of their new Album which I listen to a lot. And then there’s Fybe:One of course, who’s new Album “Elements LP” will come out on Shades later this month.

When should we listen to this?

Late at night, outside, on the move, on the underground/metro.

You have a brilliant remix in the first release on Injazero Records. Although people will have to wait until December to hear it, how did you like the original track? How does your take differ from it?

Obviously I really enjoyed it. Especially the thickness and grittiness of it. Really puts you in a warm blanket of darkness. I guess I kind of gave it a bit more air whilst keeping some of its signature elements.