It has almost been four years since I first started playing the brilliant Theatre of Delays nu-disco remixes. Since then, I have watched him conquer the blogosphere and keep releasing quality productions in an ever-upwards spiral. His latest offering came in the form of a dark and emotional electronic number with a video to match. Although he comes off a bit timid, I took the chance of asking him a few questions about ‘We Are Superflames’ and the exclusive mix he put together for Injazero Records.


You just released a new single, We Are Superflames. How are the reactions so far?
The reactions are good. A few blogs have been writing about it and I got a lot of great feedback about the video as well.

How many remixes do you have?


You are very productive! How do you compartmentalise your productions between remixes, originals and DJ mixes?

I do remixes in a spontanious way. My originals take longer time. Probably throwing 3 tracks away until i come up with an idea that i stick with for a week. For my dj-mixes i just collect my fav music and create a dj-mix right in the moment. I think most of the dj’s do it that way.

I first started playing your remixes in 2011. How do you think your career has evolved since then?

I am happy how things turning out for me.  It’s a very good thing that there are so many music enthusiasts out there that take their time to listen to tons of music every day and write about it.

How does Berlin inspire you? How does it nurture your music?

I get most of my inspiration over the internet. Berlin is cool city with lots of clubs etc. but I dont get my inspirations from there.

Can you tell us a little bit about the mix you have prepared for Injazero Records?
I created it just before I went to a party this saturday.

What’s your favourite track in it?
All of them :-)

When should we listen to this?
When you are in “get into the groove” – mood.

What is in store for you in the near future? Any plans for upcoming releases?
There will be a release on Bad Panda Records at the beginning of December and I am going to create a new remix before Christmas.