Last night I dreamt that Gold Panda got high and dragged Slugabed and Ambassadeurs into the studio to produce an upbeat, uplifting, slightly weird but absolutely gorgeous track which somehow landed in my inbox for an energy explosion first thing in the morning. Oh wait, it wasn’t a dream! I actually have that track right here! Only, it is from the brilliant Korean duo Cumeo Project. The Seoul-based outfit are releasing their first album ‘Promised Land’ on Denver indie Shoeboxx Recordings and Signal Waves is a beauty of a song with swirling pads, chopped up chipmunk vocals and whip crashing beats. They say their music is ‘widely influenced by Brainfeeder sounds, dream pop (acts) like Slowdive and Jesus and Mary Chain, movies like Won Kar Wai and all that cheap city sounds that surround us…’

Promised Land is out on April 7 but until then, listen to Signal Waves Here and the previous cut ‘On the Surface of the Sea‘ on XLR8R. Enjoy!

Signal Waves(LIVE) from GAGATRACK on Vimeo.