Second day of Primavera has ended which left us waking up at 2 pm today. We have seen some great performances again and not so great ones and here in my humble opinion, I’ll try to share as concisely as I can.

Our night started with Perfume Genius at the Pitchfork stage. You could tell from the crowd that they have a devoted following. It was the perfect band as the sun was setting, their melancholic songs and Mike Hadreas’ ethereal voice (as well as the amazing outfit that I wish I could get my hands on) was bewitching. The part where they played a song with his keyboard player boyfriend side by side was very romantic. My promoter friend has seen them play in a church at SXSW and says they are more for enclosed spaces rather than open air festivals. He was spot on when right next to the Pitchfork stage, a metal band started playing at the same time on the Adidas Originals stage. Unfortunately the whole show turned out to be a mixture of metal and pop. Not cool!

photo 5

I left my friends there to go see bRUNA at the Bowers & Wilkins stage. I love some of his work but I wasn’t too keen on his set which included the likes of Vessel and Zenker Brothers and steered towards a bit of a more experimental, edgy and noisy techno while I was there. The visuals projected at the tent were absolutely gorgeous though and provided a feast for the eyes. The sound was alright if a bit too bassy.

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I then went on to see Run the Jewels at the ATP stage. They opened their set rapping over ‘We are the Champions’ and although the crowd seemed to have loved it, I left 5 minutes into their set.

One of the most anticipated performances of the festival was of Ride’s. Their old fans were super excited to see them play at Primavera. I am not a fan but despite that I really enjoyed their show and friends who are more into them were all in a state, bewildered from the experience.


[photo by Javi Gancedo]

After a bit of Ride, I went down to B&W stage to catch Veronica Vasicka dj and really enjoyed her techno set which sounded a bit industrial at times. She looked good and despite a tiny mixing mishap, managed to keep the party heads interested.

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Then I watched a bit of Alt-J. They seemed to have an evenly distributed setlist alternating between their old and new albums, including tracks like Something Good and Matilda that made people love them in the first place during the first half of their set. They were keen to please the crowd with “ooh we have heard so many good things about this festival, it was all true” after only one song. Really? The crowd seemed to have loved it but some of my friends who don’t quite get the allure of Alt-J reported having been bored.

photo 1

[climbing these walls are proving to be a popular sport at the festival]

I left Alt-J for what will probably be the best performance of the festival. The electronic sound maverick and genius Jon Hopkins….I have seen him live four times before and he just never ceases to amaze. His was the only performance I wish never ended. His entire set was almost made up of new material which sounded brilliant. There was especially one track, the one before last that made our jaws drop; it was so so good. He had eye-catching visuals and dancers onstage with neon hula hoops which complimented the beauty of the sound. It was a spine-tingling experience.


[photo by Mabbas]

From there we made our way to watch Ratatat at the Ray Ban stage. I wish I could describe the sheer number of the people pouring in from other stages that ended. We were lucky to find a place to sit and somewhat enjoyed the first half of the show. However after a while all the songs started sounding the same and we were getting tired and restless to see Dixon. Ratatat ended their set a few minutes to 4 am when Dixon was announced to play. It was 4:25 am and people were still preparing the stage for what would be a DJ set. His was one of the performances I was looking forward to the most but we could not wait any longer and had to leave disappointed.

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Today, the best is yet to come! Keep watching this space!