When NZCA Lines released his brilliant debut in 2012, I was instantly hooked to his playful synths, memorable melodies and addictive falsetto. Then I had the chance to hear his new tracks before their release and fell in love with his synth pop all over again.

Michael Lovett is a multi-talented artist. He writes good songs, he produces, sings, and being a Camberwell graduate, he often puts together his videos himself too. If you don’t know who he is, then you should while he gets ready to release his brilliant sophomore LP on Memphis Industries on January 22.

After seeing him support Lindstrom and play to big crowds at the Roundhouse, I can safely say that his live shows are a treat too. Missing him play with Dutch Uncles at Oslo Hackney on Monday December 14, would be your loss!

Check here for his other UK dates and pre-order the ‘Infinite Summer’ album here.