There are so many guys doing that emotive high-pitched falsetto thing these days, it is a bit difficult to stand out from the crowd. Thankfully, MMOTH aka Jack Colleran manages it with the beautifully atmospheric production on his upcoming debut LP Luneworks.

Apparently, Colleran has already played alongside the likes of Aphex Twin and the XX, quite an achievement at the age of 22. The press release informs us that he locked himself up at a friend’s house in LA to produce under isolation, an odd choice of town for peace and quiet when you can explore the never-ending greenery and nature in your own country of Ireland if you ask me. I guess everybody ticks differently.

We only have Eva and Deu to stream at the moment, both of which are highly atmospheric, ghostly and textural. Think My Blood Valentine ditching the guitars for electronics, which funnily enough, comes up in his influences. I’m definitely intrigued to hear more!

Luneworks out on 11 March via Because Music.

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